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Polarzone Northwest is wishing all our friends and family in the athletic community good health during this time of Coronavirus Outbreak. Polarzone Northwest has always been dedicated to sanitation and the control of pathogens in athletic facilities and the workplace - protecting assets like your players, employees and financial revenues from sporting events and conficent donations. During this lull in sporting events, due to the COVID-19 quarantine, it would be a good opportunity plan for, the future of your athletic assets with sanitation protection in mind. You may call us now to discuss such protections as ultraviolet water purification equipment, UV air sanitizing systems and surface disinfection systems. Call us now with any questions you may have... Toll Free at 1-877-765-2796.

Stay safe and we will see you out on the field or court soon!

Polarzone addresses

MRSA & VRE with the Polarzone Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™


"Sanitation systems you won't

find anywhere else!"


Polarzone has effectively addressed the control of infectious disease pathogens, including MRSA & VRE, in  its hydrotherapy systems.  Standard in all our hydrotherapy spas and systems!


The Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ (THSS™) is a three-tier water sanitation process that includes:


· Ultraviolet Light Sterilization

· Ozone Injection

· Automated Bromine Infusion





Polarzone PRO -


L:108”  W:86”  D:35”
Approx. Dry Weight:

1600 lbs
• 425 Gallons

• Up to 7 Athletes


Click here for full item description and specifications.

Polarzone Spa Models & Sanitation System


In every Polarzone spa, carefully calculated flow rates create a continuous exposure of water to the cleansing mechanisms of the system. Circulation flow, specific to each spa, insures optimum sanitation. This easy to maintain system effectively sterilizes the water and instantly kills the “bad bugs” including MRSA & VRE.

                                     The Spa water is continuously clean and safe for your athletes and staff!


Polarzone has extensively researched and developed this effective multi-layered sanitation system which comes STANDARD in each Polarzone spa. We are leaders in the control of infectious disease in hydrotherapy systems and are committed to providing you with modalities that exceed your expectations.


  View technical data sheet of the above Lab Report                               Download the Excel Viewer here


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Disclaimer: Polarzone NW LLC. shall not be held responsible for the transmission of any infectious diseases or infections traced to the use of any and all Polarzone NW LLC products.

Polarzone Custom Stainless Steel & Fiberglass Pools

Answering the needs of our customers, Polarzone can now provide Stainless Steel and Fiberglass pools and spas in nearly any configuration, size and application – hot, warm or cold. Permanent in-ground installation or above ground, all designs come complete with our exclusive Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™, safeguarding users from infectious diseases. Polarzone pools and Spas are proudly made in the USA!

View our Specialty pools/spas page for details


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