This site uses JavaScript and requires Active Scripting to be enabled to make use of all the sites features and to display correctly.  Please follow the below instructions to  enable Active Scripting in your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer


In the TOOLS menu at the top of the browser, Select INTERNET OPTIONS.  Select the SECURITY tab.  In the box that says "Security level for this zone," make sure the setting is on MEDIUM, not HIGH. If you want to keep the high security level and activate scripting, click on CUSTOM LEVEL, make sure the menu in the box "Reset custom settings" is set to HIGH.  Scroll down until you see SCRIPTING and activate the three items under that section.


On Mac OS- Select PREFERENCES under the EDIT menu. Under the WEB BROWSER section, select WEB CONTENT.  In the "Active content" box, make sure the check box next to ENABLE SCRIPTING is selected.

Netscape Navigator

For both Windows and Mac OS- Select PREFERENCES in the EDIT menu at the top of the browser. Select the ADVANCED category. Make sure the check box next to ENABLE JAVASCRIPT is selected.

Mozilla Firefox

In the TOOLS menu at the top of the browser, select OPTIONS and the Options dialogue box will appear. Click "Web Features" on the icon command bar on the left. Make sure the " Enable JavaScript" check box is checked and click OK to accept the changes and close the Options dialoge box.