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Saint Mary's College Hydrotherpy

Saint Mary’s College of California is the newest member of the Polarzone family.

After realizing the need for a modern hydrotherapy modality to replace the aging stainless steel plunge tanks, Saint Mary’s decided on the Polarzone Colligate Model Cryotherapy spa for their hydrotherapy solution. The November 2009 installation was once again on schedule and on budget.



Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.




Polarzone Pre-designed Spa models include:

The Pro - 500 Gallons

The Elite - 375 Gallons

The Intermediate - 350 Gallons

and the Collegiate - 250 Gallons


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Already have a pool or spa and need a sanitation system?

Custom designed retro-fit add-ons, or “skid packs”, featuring Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ are available for systems currently in use such as in-ground pools and spas. Contact Polarzone directly for information on this.


Email us for or call our Toll Free Customer Service number at 1-877-765-2796.




•  Fully self contained and complete.  Nothing to add on to the system.


•  Additional sanitation includes Microban® anti-fungal shells and high efficiency canister filter.


Cryotherapy spas hold their temperature from 40°F to room temperature and hot spas heat up to 104°F.


  Easy to maintain.  Simple filter change and easy to reach components.  Makes maintenance and care simple and quick..


  Does not need retrofitting to install.  No need for expensive building remodel or equipment vaults.


  Portable.  If you need to move it, you can.  All spas work indoors as well as outdoors.


  Several sizes available to meet your needs.  Custom configurations available with special jets and sizes.


Team colors.  Laminates, shells, cushions and covers can be configured to match your team colors.  Looks great in your facility.


•  Digital controls designed specifically for Polarzone spas.  Optional Novar® monitoring, allows Polarzone to notify you if your spas needs service.


•  Built to last with only the highest quality components engineered to Polarzone's stringent standards.


•  With an industry-leading warranty backed by Polarzone's commitment to service, you will use these spas worry-free for many years.




Polarzone NW LLC

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Saint Maryss College Atheltic Hydrotherapy

Saint Mary's College Atheltics Hydrotherapy Plunge Modality

Fully self contained and portable Hydrotherapy units.



Polarzone Cryotherapy Toll Free 1-877-765-2796







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