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Polarzone THSS™ Skid Pack Water Sanitation System


Polarzone has taken the technology developed in our Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ (THSS™) and applied it for retro-fitting existing modalities (swim spas, tread mill pools, and cold/hot plunge spas, etc.).

This Three-Tiered level of water cleansing utilizes redundant processes to effectively kill microorganisms that may contribute to the spread of infectious disease. This state of the art system has UV Light Sterilization, a true Corona Discharge Ozone Generator, and automatic Bromine Infusion. It has been designed to cover a wide range of installations.





Polarzone studies pool or spa size, current flow rates, circulation process and pump design, water temperature, and other factors affecting each device, and then designs a Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ specific to each application. Its outputs are easily adjustable allowing our THSS™ System to automatically sanitize/sterilize pools and spas ranging from 2,500 to 90,000 gallons in size.

This system is ideal for new installations or can be easily incorporated into the existing systems, providing water purification and proven sanitation far superior to just having chlorine as a sanitizer - which is much safer for your athletes and equipment.


Review the amazing results of a study performed by an independent water testing lab that proves the Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ works!

Click here to view the actual technical data sheet of the Lab Report - requires Excel Reader.

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