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Polarzone has worked with professional athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and engineers to design and manufacture portable cryotherapy and hot spas.

 Northeastern Oklahoma

Northeastern Oklahoma University uses Polarzone Hydrotherpay Spas

Northeastern University of Oklahoma is the newest member of the Polarzone family.


                             Installation Photos to come

 Saint Mary's College

Saint Marys College California uses Polarzone Hydrotherpay

Saint Mary’s College of California is a recent member of the Polarzone family.


                             View Installation Photos

 Lakeside School

Lakeside School Seattle uses Polarzone Spas

Lakeside School of Seattle incorporated Polarzone Hydrotherapy in their new Athletic Training Facility.


                             View Installation Photos

 Columbia University

Columbia University Lions use Polarzone spas

Columbia University Baker Field Athletic Complex with Polarzone Hydrotherapy.


                             View Installation Photos

 Iowa State

Iowa State and Polarzone

Iowa State University awarded Polarzone the competitive bid!


                             View Installation Photos

 Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs purchase two Polarzone Cryotherapy Spas for their Mesa, Arizona facility.


                             View Installation Photos

 New Mexico State University

New Mexico State Aggies purchase Polarzone Elite Cryotherapy Spa

November 2007, New Mexico State University now uses an Elite model cryotherapy spa for the Aggie Memorial Stadium facility.  

                             View the Installation Photos

The Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have chosen the Polarzone team to take care of their hydrotherapy needs. 

View installations:          2005    2006    2007


Oct '06 - Mariners upgrade their hydrotherapy system

 Harvard University

Harvard University purchases four Hydrotherapy Spas

The first week of August, 2007 - Polarzone delivered, and set up, two Polarzone Elite Hot Spas and two Pro Cryotherapy Spas at Harvard University, for their training facility remodel and upgrade.  Since then Harvard has purchased 3 more Hydrotherapy units - 2 more for their training facility and one installed in the Blodgett Pool.   

                             Installation Photos

Seattle Seahawks - Since 1999

The Seahawks have been using Polarzone cold spas for the past 7 years at their training camp and purchased cold and hot spas for their new stadium, Qwest Field, in 2002.

View installations:          2001    2002

 The Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies purchase a custom designed and manufactured elite model cold spa.  The delivery is scheduled for March 15, 2007 at  Coors Field in Denver, CO.                                           Installation Photos

Oregon Ducks

University of Oregon Ducks removed their old “horse trough” whirlpools and hot tub and installed custom Polarzone Elite model cold and hot spas in their main Athletic Training room and a cryotherapy spa at Hayward Field track and field facility.  View installation pictures.

Custom ordered in team colors!

University of Idaho Vandals

The University of Idaho Vandals got the Elite cryotherapy spa - complete with overflow tank, Triple Hurdle Sanitation System™ and programmable key pad.

Director of Athletic Training Services, Barrie Steele, said “I can’t keep my athletes out of it”.

View the installation pictures.

Washington Huskies Since 2003

University of Washington Huskies are part of the Polarzone family enjoying their Collegiate spa, pool maintenance, and sideline cooling fans.

View installations pictures

Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University Eagles enjoy their Polarzone Pro Spa as part of the athletic health care program.

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